List of Cancer Treatments

Adrenal Glands Cancer Treatment India

Adrenal Glands Cancer Treatment

Adrenal glands cancer is basically the malignant form of adrenal tumor. This disease may give rise to hormonal disorders. One or two individuals per one million populations can be the victim of this disease. Mostly adults face this type of cancer. At initial stages cure can be possible. This kind of cancer causes numerous changes

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Bile Duct Cancer Treatment India

Bile Duct Cancer Treatment

Bile duct cancer refers to a kind of liver cancer. In this type of disease malignant tumors generally find favorable place in the bile ducts.  This cancer is also recognized as cholangiocarcinoma. The bile ducts are basically the tubes which connect the gall bladder and liver to small bowel. Bile is basically a liquid composed by

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Bladder Cancer Treatment India

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Bladder cancer is one of numerous kinds of cancer resulting from any infectious phenomena in epithelial lining of the urinary bladder. Infrequently the bladder is complicated by non-epithelial cancers, like sarcoma or lymphoma but such are not usually termed as the “bladder cancer.” It generally refers to the disease in which abnormal and unusual cells

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Bone Cancer Treatment

Bone Cancer can easily grow in any region of the bones of human body. Cancer begins to develop and grow when normal tissues and cells in the bone grow without any resistance and change, formulating a mass known as tumor. A bone cancer may be noncancerous or cancerous which means that it can spread to other

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Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain Cancer Treatment

A brain tumor or cancer  grows when irregular cells are formed within the region of brain. There are chiefly two kinds of tumors such as cancerous tumors and non-cancerous tumors. Cancerous tumors may be categorized into primary tumors that grow within the brain itself and such tumors which spread from some different body part recognized

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breast cancer treatment in india

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer generally develops from the tissue of breast. Breast cancer is basically a dangerous tumor which begins in the cells of the breast. A cancerous tumor is recognized a grouping of cancerous cells and tissues that can easily affect the adjacent tissues or metastasize to far-away parts of the body. Women are the main

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Cervical Cancer Treatment India

Cervical Cancer Treatment

The lower slender part of the female’s uterus is known as cervix. This narrow opening space to the passage is called the cervical canal. During the continuation of menstrual period the blood comes from the uterus by means of the canal and into the vagina. Cervical cancer refers to the formulation of unusual tissues and

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Chest Cancer Treatment India

Chest Cancer Treatment

Chest Cancer or tumor arise on the wall of chest covering the chest cavity, which holds the lungs, heart, and important organs. Chest wall tumors can be cancerous non-cancerous and may originate from chest or spread from other part of body. Chest or the chest cancer is one of the most extremely researched sorts of cancer.

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Colon Cancer Treatment India

Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon cancer or colorectal cancer develops in the colon or rectum of a person. Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death and just behind the heart disease. Colon cancer is supposed to cause over 16,000 deaths in the UK every year and is one of the most common cancer types. Both men

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Esophagus Cancer Treatment India

Esophagus Cancer Treatment

The esophagus is a very important part of the gastrointestinal zone. The function of this muscle is to move food from the mouth to the stomach for digestion. The esophaegus is of many layers that is the inner lining, the muscle layer and the outer layer. The cancer in this muscle generally starts to grow

Cost: $8500 Hospital Stay: 10 Days Read More
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    • Jake, Male, 55, UK
      Other Treatments

      I came to see the doctor in WHE and he introduced me to the stem cell treatment. They took the stem cells from my bone marrow and fat and he injected them and it has been fabulous. I don’t have the aches and pains that I used to suffer from on a constant day to day basis. I would highly recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a remedy to their back pain and their aching joints.

    • Sulaiman, Male, 68, Africa
      Other Treatments

      I had a medial right knee compartment surgery at World health expert with the surgical staff. I returned to work 10 days after the surgery. My profession requires me to walking, bending and standing for extended periods of time. I was able to complete my work with little discomfort. The staff and the doctors of WHE went out of their way to complete the arrangements for the surgery on very short notice.

    • Azizi, Male, 44, Swahill, East Africa
      Other Treatments

      I underwent a minimally invasive Maze procedure in World health expert which cured me of atrial fibrillation. I did a tremendous amount of research about the various treatment options and ultimately decided to go with the surgery at World health expert. The experience went very smoothly. WHE continues to have one of the largest and most effective surgical programs in the nation.

    • Abam, 27, Female, Ghana
      Cosmetic Surgery

      My life was going amazing. But when I had a lump in my breast checked out, the diagnosis about knocked the breath out of me. I learned my cancer was Stage 3. I went to the World Health Expert for the treatment. Throughout my cancer journey, they’ve helped me get my attitude right when I’ve gotten down or begun struggling. They’ve been warriors on my behalf. WHE is an amazing place.

    • Fazah, 60, Male, Africa
      Organ Transplants

      World Health Expert became my second family and I will treasure their friendship always. My wife had a call from the hospital that a liver had been procured and I was scheduled for surgery. I cannot begin to thank all of the wonderful members of the WHE. It would not be wrong to say that I was saved by the World Health Expert. You can visit the hospital and leave everything on them.

    • George, 48 years, Male, UK
      Other Treatments

      I traveled to the World Health Expert and met with a medical oncologist who would become my rock throughout my treatment. His recommendation was four rounds of chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy. World Health Expert was a place for healing. The atmosphere there was soothing and compassionate. My doctor, nurses and so many others there became my caregivers.

    • Jacob, 58 years, Male, US
      Other Treatments

      WHE replaced both my hips and the result is nothing short of miraculous. I was back home after surgery in 2 days. Other than a small 3 inch scar, you would never know I had hip surgery. I was free of pain from my first day home. The prescribed physical therapy returned me to full mobility within just a few weeks and allowed me to return to all of my pre-surgery sports and activities.

    • Halisi, 40 years, Female, Kenya
      Weightloss Surgery

      I visited World Health Expert for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery. I no longer deal with depression, hypertension or the fear of developing diabetes. I credit the World Health Expert weight Loss Surgery staff with helping me have a successful surgery. Participating in the weight loss surgery support groups was helpful to me both before and after surgery

    • Saarah, 56 years, female, UK
      Heart Surgery

      After my bypass procedure, I didn’t feel a thing. I remember asking the nurse if they had done anything. After a few days of rehabilitation and physical therapy, I’m now back to climbing the stairs to my suite. If you think your heart could use some help, World Health Expert is a great place to turn. The hospital offers advanced diagnostic technology, cardiac rehabilitation, and more.

    • Adhra, 35 years, female, Tanzania
      Other Treatments

      I traveled to WHE who performed a minimally invasive mitral valve repair, making a two-inch incision through my right side and successfully fixing the leak. I was walking on my own the next day and left the hospital just two days later. It was such a positive experience. Everyone from the compassionate nurses and technicians who cared for me, to the welcoming environment.